Don’t Skip on Co–Curricular Activities during Remote Learning​

        Recently, a BuzzFeed News article made me realize the significant role of co-curricular activities during remote learning. Popping up on my google news feed, it stated the impact of coronavirus on education. Also, the article was referring to a college student’s viral tweet about the stress of remote learning. Moreover, the tweet resounded well with many other students too. Consequently, they also started pouring their heart out with regard to online schooling.

Important Observations

  • This made me question the role of education system in such testing times all around the world.
  • Do we need to conduct online classes just to complete the academic course?
  • Should we just focus on minimizing the pandemic effect on students’ grades?
  • Shouldn’t we focus more on building more empathetic relation among students and teachers?
  • Shouldn’t we focus more on activities that will reduce the stress and increase the productivity?

What to Do?

Now, the question arises that what should we do to achieve these objectives. First of all, we need to understand that schools are not only about academics. It’s about life skills, relationships, belongingness, happiness and enjoyment too. Therefore, importance of co-curricular activities during remote learning increases many a folds. I understand that shifting your class to online mode all of a sudden is not an easy task. Therefore, it becomes even more imperative to include fun and learn activities in online session to ease out both the teachers and the students.

Let Me Help !!

Amidst all the chaos, planning co-curricular activities might put you off and eventually you might just go along your normal online class. For that reason, I have created the downloadable may co-curricular calendar for my fellow teachers.  It contains list of activities to be conducted every monday. Since, withering away the monday blues is important, therefore monday has been chosen as the activity day.

Download the calendar by clicking on the download button below.  Happy Teaching!!

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